Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Wedding Bells For Me... Again!

 2012 has been a tough year for me, filled with ups and downs. I stopped blogging for a while after my mother passed away earlier this year, and for the past few months I've just been working and adjusting to married life. Josh and I originally planned to get married in November of this year, but when my mother took a turn for the worse, we decided to drop everything and threw together a wedding at the small chapel in St. Luke's medical hospital. It was a very somber affair, with only a handful of people in attendance, but I'm so happy that my mum was able to attend it.

 Our first, simple wedding, that we put together in a week.

Be that as it may, Josh and I are officially married now but we'd already put down all of our reservations (and downpayments) for the November ceremony. We decided to do say our vows once more (for the third time!), so that we could have all of our friends and family celebrate our joy with us. It's been a little tough to juggle all the wedding preparations on top of our big move + starting our tech company, but I wanted to take a little time to record the details of our preparations. I was able to find some very talented suppliers, and I wanted to share my finds with all the bride-to-bes out there.

I had my dresses for the November celebration made by Bong de Ocampo Couture. She took care of the reception dress, the wedding dress, and all the dresses of our entourage. Her prices were extremely reasonable, and she was recommended by another bride to me a few months ago. If you are a bride who's looking for amazing work for a very reasonable price, I highly recommend checking her out. You can find her website here.

I opted for a simple, elegant design that used a lot of lace. Our theme is going to be Greek/Roman, so the reception area will be decorated with a lot of pillars and I wanted my dress to match. It's supposed to be bad luck for anyone to see the wedding dress before the wedding, but since Josh and I are already married, we decided it would be okay. :)

My reception dress is emerald green with gold beadwork, but it's still being worked on and I'll post it after the wedding in November so there's still a surprise left. ;)

Josh's three-piece suit was made by Leonard Co. They don't have a website, so I'm adding their contact information below:

Leonard Co Design (
No. 6 Balete Drive New Manila, Quezon City
Tel Nos: (02) 7215611/ 7220876/ 7226739

Fax Nos: (02) 7226023 Mobile Nos:(0916)2548000

Like de Ocampo Couture, their prices were extremely reasonable. Having a suit made cost us around P5,500+ (we brought our own fabric), and they were very good at complimenting Josh's frame. We had five groomsmen as well as the groom's suit made by them, all for the same price. A ready made suit normally goes for a little less than P5,000 if you buy it at the department store, but custom suits from other designers will usually run to around P10,000 (even if you bring the cloth).

The entourage clothes aren't finished yet, but I'll post pictures of them in the future as well. Everything is Greek/Roman-themed, and I'm really excited to see how it all comes together on the day itself.

The prenup pictorial was done by Ariel Javelosa photography as part of their wedding package. The package we got included the prenup shoot, two teams of photographers during the wedding day itself, and a 'Day Of' wedding video. We opted for a mid-range priced photographer, partly because I haven't found a really cheap wedding photographer that was actually good, and mostly because at the end of the day, the only thing you have to show for months of preparations are photos. If you're going to spend on one thing, it may as well be that!

I can't speak for the wedding day shoot yet, of course, but the prenup shoot went pretty well. Their equipment is top-notch, and the photographer they assigned to us had steady hands. Some of the poses he requested were a bit cheesy at first, but he got used to us after after a few shots to warm up.

I'll review them again after the wedding, but for now, I'm definitely happy with their work. Here's a link to their website.

Lastly, my makeup for the prenup shoot was done by Yang Gagelonia. I had gotten Carlan Teng for the wedding itself, but as her rates are quite high, I looked for someone else for the prenup. Yang is a graduate of Make-up Designory Manila and she's done tons of events and shoots. Her rates are also incredibly reasonable (she threw in grooming for Josh for free), and she's affordable enough that you can hire her for multiple occasions. I sent her photos of the look I wanted to emulate ahead of time, and she did a great job. You can find her website here.

My hair was done by a salon, but I'm not 100% happy with what they did, so I won't list them. Suffice to say that they lost my appointment and rushed my updo, and it was only my Tokyo Posh hair extension that really saved the day. :\

I'll post more of our suppliers and what they did for us as we go along. Our invitations should be arriving any day now, and I'm really looking forward to them. With the majority of our preparations complete, now all that's left is the wait. How exciting!


Jillsabs said...

Condolences for your loss Lizz, but best wishes on your marriage :)

Lizz said...

jillsabs - Thank you, I appreciate your kind thoughts. :)

Kitten said...

welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you. Congrats on the wedding~

My deepeest condolences :(

Anna Ho said...

Congratulations on your wedding! You look gorgeous. It is hard losing a loved one. My bf passed away last year and life has never been the same since. Take care!

Lizz said...

Kitten- Thanks! It's been a while since I had a bit of time to write, but I wanted to at least document the wedding prep. :) Your condolences are deeply appreciated.

Anna- Thank you so much. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know how tough it is, and you have my condolences for your loss.

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