Sunday, January 3, 2010

B.B. Cream Review: Skin79 Diamond Crystal Pearl Lightning 3D

My search for the perfect BB Cream continues, and next up on my list is the widely acclaimed Skin79 Diamond Crystal Pearl BB Cream. Skin79 is said to be the best BB Cream line in Korea, and they have quite a lot of types to choose from. I chose to try this first because I was intrigued at the prospect of having crushed gems making my skin glow, and I have to say that I was not disappointed with this.

Skin79 Diamond Crystal Pearl BB Cream 35g
Php960 from ebay seller Sun Kim

The 35g tube comes with a bit of highlighter cream when you flip the top of the jewel cap up, and you can use your pinkie to dab some on the bridge of your nose and the top of your lip. (Of course, when your entire face is shining like some sort of wonderful porcelain sculpture, you really don't need this, but it was a nice touch nonetheless.)

Highlighter on the Bottlecap

Pros- Spreading and blending this BB cream was incredibly easy. It came on pale as usual, but I think by this time I've gotten used to how ghostly white these creams come on. Tiny iridescent bits of shine are infused with every drop, so much so that I'm almost reminded of Twilight's vampires. This glow effect makes this cream perfect for photos, smoky clubbing nights, and sexy dinner dates. The coverage was medium, though my skin has been quite smooth lately so I didn't really mind. After removal, my skin felt so wonderfully soft and the skin whitener effect really did work. This goes on very light, so you don't feel like you're wearing makeup even though it looks quite the opposite.

Cons- This still isn't the right shade for me, however nice it ended up blending after the requisite 15 minutes. The oil control was better than SkinFood's, but still not good enough for me. After about 5 hours, my skin started to look quite pale and just a bit too shiny. Remember, I have oily/combination skin in a yellow/morena tone, so for ladies who've got lovely white skin on the dry side, this may be the one for you.

A perfectly photographed glow!

While I love how Skin79 blends and covers, I find that the shiny Vampire look just isn't practical for everyday use. I'd use this to highlight other BB creams and for special occasions, but it's a bit impossible to wear it to something as mundane as the office.

I got my cream from a Korean reseller based in the Philippines, and her price was quite good. Php960 isn't a bad deal at all (SkinFood's SO overpriced), and if I ever run out of this, I'd probably pick up another tube (though in a smaller size).

Readers from the Philippines can easily pick some up from the lovely Sun Kim on Ebay Philippines, while international readers may direct their purchases to (link on the left).

As for me, I'm hitting the cosmetics racks again! I'm not stopping til I find the perfect BB Cream for me, hehe. :)

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angel6033 said...

I love it its pink!! :) lol

Lizz said...

Angel- Haha, ikr? Metallic pink has got to be the best packaging ever. :D

Independent Queen said...

Does it too shiny for night photograph under flashlight? becuz I cant't tolerate with shiny - oily looks when photographed. I can see it looks good under the daylight. I will find this at SaSa cosmetic later on to feel the textures of the cream.

Lizz said...

Independent Queen- You know, I didn't notice how it looked under camera flash at night! It looked quite good under normal evening lights (like a fluorescent lamp in a club), though! :) Good luck with the test-- hope you like it. :D

Sophie said...

this year has just got me curious about BB Creams! Thanks for a very informative review. Did you try setting the BB cream with some oil control powder to help? I am currently roadtesting Rojukiss BB Cream, but Ive been setting it with tons of silica powder as I am very paranoid that my skin'd oil up. lol.

Lizz said...

sophie- Yes, all of the BB creams I've tried have looked quite good with my regular Ellana mineral powder, but I was hoping for one that I wouldn't need to dust powder on. Guess I'm just hoping for that "no makeup" look, haha!

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